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Kala Ramnath

Young Kala Ramnath, the contemporary torchbearer of the Mewati gharana, stands today among the most outstanding instrumental musicians in the North Indian Classical genre. Born into a family of prodigious musical talent, which has given Indian music such violin legends as Prof. T. N. Krishnan and Smt. N. Rajam, Kala's genius with the violin manifested itself from childhood.

After the early tutelage under her aunt, Smt. N. Rajam, Kala put herself under the training of the Mewati vocal maestro, Pandit Jasraj. This has brought a rare vocal emotionalism to Kala's violin playing. Since 1994, Kala has been making annual visits to the United States and Europe accompanying Pandit Jasraj and also presenting solo performances. During these visits, she has left an unforgettable imprint in the minds of discerning audiences.

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Kala Ramnath

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