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Rajan & Sajan Mishra

If the aim of musical partnership, better known as Jugalbandi, is to bring home subtleties and refinements of music as naturally and spontaneously as in solo, then Pandit Rajan Mishra and Pandit Sajan Mishra must be acclaimed as the best Indian Classical vocal music has to offer today. With their immense skill, imagination, energy and effortless elegance they have raised the status of Jugalbandi music to new heights.

Representing the Varanasi or Banaras tradition of Khayal singing, these two brothers had their training under the guidance of their father, a well-known vocalist, Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra, and their uncle, Pandit Gopal Prasad Mishra, one of the most celebrated sarangi players of India. Today they are considered the foremost exponents of the Banaras style of singing.

It is a measure of their popularity that Rajan-Sajan Mishra, as these brothers are popularly known, always command huge audiences wherever they perform - be it in India or abroad. In addition to Khayal, Mishra brothers also excel in rendering the light classical forms such as Tappa, Tarana, and Bhajan.

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Rajan & Sajan Mishra

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