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Sanjeev Abhyankar

Sanjeev Abhyankar is a leading artist in the field of Hindustani classical music. This child prodigy has shown an uncanny and extraordinary flair for music since the tender age of three. Born on October 5, 1969, Sanjeev started learning Hindustani classical music when he was eight years old under the guidance of his mother, Mrs. Shobha Abhyankar, and later from Pandit Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare of Pune. Later, he received vigorous training for twelve years from the well known maestro, Pandit Jasraj.

Though Sanjeev's childhood aim was to pursue a career in music, he has also acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from University of Pune. He received a national scholarship to study Hindustani Classical Music as a junior as well as a senior artist. He has received many awards as an outstanding young vocalist including first prize in a 1990 All India Radio classical vocal singing competition.

Sanjeev gave his first stage performance at the age of eleven in Mumbai. For the last several years, he has been traveling extensively in India and abroad. This recording is being released during his fall 1996 tour of USA and Canada, which has been sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh. His 1993 recording titled 'Soaring Heights' was judged as among the three best recordings in it's category that year and he also has many other recordings to his credit.

Sanjeev has an effortless command on rhythm and the listeners will enjoy his deep, melodious and flexible voice. His amazing confidence in the rendition of the raga is the result of his seasoned riyoz (practice) under the guidance of his guru Pandit Jasraj who has cultivated his student so thoroughly that it is at times difficult to distinguish between the two. As a result, Sanjeev Abhyankar is rightfully recognized as the torch bearer of Mewati Gharana following the great tradition in the footsteps of his guru.

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Sanjeev Abhyankar

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